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Donovan Moore

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I am a web developer and computer geek. I have a strong passion for pursuing knowledge and learning new things. My latest obsession is building web and mobile applications using React and React-Native, but I also enjoy Node.js (or really anything javascript). I am always willing to contribute to disruptive tech, whether it be for a startup or an open source project.

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name: Donovan Moore E-mail: phone number: 919-960-1124 website:
Who am i?
I am a unique individual from Chapel Hill, North Carolina. I enjoy traveling, rock climbing, health and fitness, as well as Javascript and all things nerdy.
What I'm really good at?
Learning new things and picking up new skills. Finding success while going against the grain. Giving precise attention to the smallest details. Drinking a lot of coffee.
How can you contact me?
The best way is via email at
What are my hobbies
Learning about science, history, and technology. Outdoor and fitness activities (especially rock climbing). Building stuff with JavaScript.








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Building effective web applications using the internet's most advanced technologies:





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Striving to continuously learn and improve through autodidacticism and by contributing to projects I care about.

Language in Motion

( Apr. 2017 : Feb. 2018 ) Frontend developer

Contributing to the development and maintenance of an advanced language learning platform. As a member of the frontend team, I work to maximize efficiency and user experience within a complex React.js environment.

The Coding Boot Camp at UNC-Chapel Hill

( May. 2017 : Nov. 2017 ) Teaching Assistant

Supported an intensive, 6 month coding bootcamp based out of UNC Chapel Hill involving 250+ hours of in-class teaching through an extensive curriculum using HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, jQuery, Git, Node.js. Express.js, MySQL 5, Laravel, TDD, SEO, and cloud application development.

Bitcoin Entrepreneur

( July 2013 : Sep. 2016 ) Crypto-currency trader and investor

Ran a successful crypto-currency business by taking advantage of many different trading platforms and building systems of trade and arbitrage.

"The future is here. It’s just not widely distributed yet."

- William Gibson -

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live crypto books
project 2
nomad jobs
project 3
earth sandwich
project 4
crypto calculator
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